Good Morning Palm Coast


Good Morning Palm Coast

Early morning is my favorite time in Palm Coast. Whether  I’m sipping coffee on my lanai with my husband, Joe, or riding bikes on Canopy Walk. The landscape is always beautiful.

Sun glistens off the Intra-Coastal waterway, while fish jump and splash through its almost mirror-like surface. Occasionally, we are lucky enough to witness dolphins chasing their breakfast, or manatees munching on the bountiful vegetation.  

This blog is about what Palm Coast and Flagler County have to offer through the eyes of two of its residents, my husband and I.

As we discover new places , new food, and new people, I realize how much this town has grown. In fact, Palm Coast is no longer a town, it is officially a city.  When I moved here thirteen years ago, the minuscule movie theater on St. Joes Plaza, was all we had for entertainment. Now Palm Coast has its very own multiplex movie theater. We’re growing by leaps and bounds. From fast food to fine dining. More cultures are bringing their cuisine and various shops to PC, and I for one, am delighted.

As we shop, eat, kayak, bike ride, walk and drive around Palm Coast, I want to point out all we discover.

Note: I want to indicate, everything in this blog is my personal  opinion. Feel free to share yours.

Heidi Tassone


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