McHenrys Raw Bar


Mc Henry’s Raw Bar

Living on the west side of town, we are lacking any social bar or pub. For a cocktail we would either go to McFarleys on the other side of I95, or all the way to Flagler Beach. Needless, to say, we were happy to see an Irish Pub pop up in Roma Court.

On the fourth of July, Joe and I ventured over to see what might be happening in the new Pub. Nada! Around 9:30 or 10 pm, McHenrys was closed. I know Palm Coast’s night life is non-existent, but this is a bar we are talking about. Okay, grant it, it was a Sunday.  

Last night, Joe and ventured out once again. Okay, that is two evenings within a month, which is quite unusually for us. We are more early morning, active people, than late night partiers. But, we are on vacation, and figured it’s a Saturday night. We never have the opportunity to go out on a Saturday. Let’s check out McHenrys. It has to be open on a Saturday.

To our joy, it was indeed open. The place is a lot larger than I would have thought. Apparently, there are two sides to the place. On the left, are pool tables and bar where I believe you can smoke. We sat on the right and when the glassy-eyed barmaid asked for our order, Joe asked for a Bud draft and I asked for my Merlot. I was informed they were out of Merlot.

Okay, how about Cabernet? She shook her head. We have no red wine left.

Excuse me? I wanted to go outside and check the name on the sign, making sure we hadn’t walked into the Chinese restaurant downstairs by mistake. For real? No red wine. The couple a few seats down from us shook their heads simultaneously. “They are out of a lot of things.”

We moved closer to the couple to talk to them, and I decided to order a glass of Chardonnay instead. This was actually possible.

As we chat with the lovely couple, I order a second glass. I wait, but it doen’t arrive. I wave the bartender over, and again she shakes her head. “We ran out of that too.”

Now, I grew up in the Irish section of the Bronx, in New York. If there is one thing not lacking in the Bronx, is Irish pubs. Never in the whole time there, have I ever heard of a bar running out of wine. Are you kidding me?

My husband was very upset. He asked for the owner and was told he was not in. However, the father of the owner was there. Joe asked to speak with him. The man was full of excuses, but I must say, he had not a single solution.

As I ask for the check, I mention to the bartender about compensation for the lack of drinks. She shook her head again. “That won’t happen. They wouldn’t do that.”

I have been to many places in Palm Coast, and if things weren’t quite up to par, I usually give ti time and try one more time. I was not disappointed a second time.

I looked into McHenry’s website and comment blogs on the bar. It did not get rave reviews. In fact, I was not the only patron disappointed with the lack of beverages, and I read manycustomers were not pleased with the food.

If you would like to have a nice social drink with your friends or your spouse, I wouldn’t waste my time with McHenrys. It is worth making the trip down to Flagler beach, or even to the little place across the bridge, McFarleys.


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