La Piazza Cafe, European Village

La Piazza Cafe

This quaint Italian restaurant emanates charm and a rich Italian feel. Tables are set under a canopy of lights interwoven with grapevines. The Tuscan colors and decor blend beautifully with the European experience. Soft Italian music makes for a romantic or an enjoyable social  experience.

My husband, Joe and I often ride our bicycles around the Intra-coastal Waterway, St. Joes Canopy Walk, and Linear Park. All great places to walk, jog, or ride a bike. Florida nature at its best.  

We like to end our ride by stopping in at La Piazza, located nearby in the European Village. We ventured there once a few months ago and loved it. Our usual waitress, Angela, is always quick, pleasant, friendly and helpful. Even on the rare occasion we pop in and Angela is not there, we are still treated well. Even though we’re wearing shorts, and are hot and sweaty from our biking, the staff treats us as if we were dressed in our finest.

In all honesty, we always order breakfast. I enjoy the variety in La Piazza’s menu and change my choices each time. Not once have I been disappointed, and neither has my picky eater, husband.

This morning Joe tried the special of apple cinnamon pancakes and I ate the eggs Florentine. What a treat. Joe’s pancakes were beautifully presented with fresh apples and cinnamon, and homemade whipped cream. Where do you find fresh apples and whipped cream anymore? My over easy eggs lay on top of fresh spinach sautéed in garlic, with a hint of Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, and was accompanied by a side of roasted red bliss potatoes. I am the type of eater who eats slowly until full and either takes home the other half of my meal, or leaves it. Outside of three pieces of potato, I cleaned my plate. Joe’s plate was left nearly spotless.

Our service was excellent. Thank you, Angela. And though the owner had not come outside today, he smiled and waved to us when he noticed us from the window.

Though Joe and I only have experienced breakfast at La Piazza, I am looking forward to dining there for lunch or dinner. When I do, I plan on letting you know how it was. As of my personal experience, I highly recommend breakfast at La Piazza Cafe in the European Village, Palm Coast.


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