Morning Biking

One of our favorite places to go bike riding is Canopy Walk in St. Joes. The gorgeous path runs along the Intracoastal, where only last week we followed a dolphin swimming, more than likely hunting for breakfast. As we drive further up the path, we noticed him or her not to far behind, and every time he’d come up for air, we are equally taken aback by the creature’s magnificence.

If you follow along the walkway, you come to a bend, where a picnic bench is set up for a quick break or a leisurely lunch. As you ride under the canopy, you may continue forward toward Linear Park, or make a quick hop to your left over a small wooden bridge and continue along the waterway. 

We, my husband and I, usually take the bridge. After about a mile, it ends and you must turn around. There is a second bridge crossing a small canal, which is closed off on the opposite side. Construction still commences on the other side. We are wondering whether the new path will continue further for the general public, or will it be private?  In the meantime, we are surrounded by more of Palm Coast’s natural beauty.

Joe and I turn around and make our way back to Canopy walk, where we cross over Palm Coast Parkway and into Linear Park. The park was opened several years ago to the public, and in the process, has kept its natural beauty. Riding or walking along the path, several dirt trails have been created into the woods itself. Giving a sence of both  adventure and safety at the same time.

At the heart of the park stands a small playground for children, bathrooms and a rest area. Also, a parking lot which you could enter from Palm Coast Parkway. Joe and I usually park under the Hammock Dune’s Bridge.

A canoe launch was carved into the shallow canal, but due to lack of water, and the drench only inches in-depth, the launch has never been utilized. Something we are sad about, since we have a kayak and would love to launch in this gorgeous area.

After cycling along the trails and paths, we head back, usually, the same way we came. Seeing the area in the other direction is just a nice.

The amazing thing about the morning, is all the people out enjoying it as well. Always a friendly good morning. Sometimes we nod our good morning’s so often, my throat becomes dry. Maybe we’ve driven past and waved our “Howdy do,” to you too.


8 thoughts on “Morning Biking

  1. Love your site…. The background it perfect and your writing is on point! I will visit often and be taken away by PALMCOAST…

    All the very best… Tameeka

  2. Love your site… The background and writing is perfect. I will visit often.

    All the best… Tameeka

    (This is my second post.. In case you see two 😉

  3. All the friendly people are on the MUP’s in the morning. MUP is multi use path. Around here the greeting is “howyadoin” and the response is (without moving your lips by the way) good and you. But it’s said like good n’ yew. Try it. Smile…hold the smile, no mouth movement…. goodnyew. Perfect. Welcome to Cape Cod.

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