Thirty-Five. Oh, My

This past Wednesday morning, I left my cul-de-sac and drove onto BelleTerre Parkway like I do every day. I was on my way to work, heading toward Matanzas Woods Parkway, when a Flagler County police officer pulled me over for speeding. The officer was very courteous and respectful, and I do not deny I was going over the speed limit. However, I have yet to see one vehicle following the 35 mph speed limit set on Belle Terre.

Residents of Palm Coast know Belle Terre has been under construction for several years. The expansion has been necessary with the increasing population and commercial traffic. Nearing completion, Belle Terre has become a four lane parkway crossing Palm Coast north to south.  So, I must ask myself and city officials, why is the speed limit thirty-five miles per hour? Are you kidding? Since the ticket, I have put my car on cruise control at 35 mph, and watch as every vehicle passes me, many with some not-so-nice gestures. Matanzas’s speed limit is 45 mph, which is only two lanes. Actually, most roads in and around town are at least 45 mph  .  So, why is the largest and widest road, other than Palm Coast Parkway, only 35? I hope after Belle Terre is re-paved and the landscaping done, the speed limit will increase to at least 45.


Heidi Tassone


2 thoughts on “Thirty-Five. Oh, My

  1. Oh, my God, I’ve been putting my car on cruise control. Do you know what that’s like? I feel like putting my feet up on the dashboard and my seat back with my hands behind my head. I feel like my car is broken. Try that sometime. LOL
    Hugs heidi

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