When I think of spending time in a hair salon, I want to be a bit pampered. I’m not talking about champagne and caviar, though it would be nice, but more of a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Yesterday, I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to splurge a little on myself. I tend to let my hair go, since for the most part, I have it in a hat. Last time I had it cut, I went to a Salon called, Tangles and because I had such a great experience, decided to go back. It is located in the Home Depot mall, right next to OutBack Steak House.

The salon is crisply decorated in bold black and reds, which give a sharpe precise feel to the place, but also has a open and friendly atmosphere.

 My hairstylist is Anthony Wild. He happens to also lead a blues band called, Anthony Wild and the Suspects. You can check out his website. www.anthonywild.com .

For a more wispy feel to my very fine hair, anthony has perfected the razor cut. He spends a great length of time, and is very fastidious, which I find a great quality in a hair designer.

Tangles Hair Salon

I recommend it if you live or visit Palm Coast.


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