Good People


This morning my hope for humanity was restored. Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk, which, when by myself, turns into a jog. I grabbed my key and phone and went around the neighborhood. I live in the Indian Trails section of Palm Coast,  in a very peaceful area. I also live quite close to school.

As I enjoy my jog and a bit of sweat, I wave and great the man with the cute small dog, the man riding his bike, and another chatting with his friend. I place my hand in my pocket and discover my brand new i-Phone is missing. Yikes! Okay, Heidi, back-track your route. But, I’m nearly home again. But it’s your new, not-yet-paid-for, i-phone, which you are just now getting the hang of. Okay, Let’s go find it. (Okay, reality, I didn’t think all that, I was panicked. I hurried back to the route.

As I carefully check every square foot of grass between where I started my journey to where I ended, I came to realize my phone was gone. I thought, well maybe it’s for the best. (I can’t do anything, lets pretend it’s all good. Yeah right) Then I thought, it had to be a kid walking to school. I envisioned a few kids chatting on their walk and one finding my phone laying on someone’s lawn. Picking it up, they smile to themselves and think, It’s my lucky day. Off to school they go.

In the meantime, I’m panicked. I hurry back to the house, ramble on to my hubby. He and I grab our bicycles and venture yet another time through my path. Again, to no avail. Once home, I call my phone and am sent directly into voicemail. Okay then, someone is using all my minutes and interneting and now has the phone shut so I can’t reach them. (I don’t have an unlimited plan.) No, some kid has my phone and had to shut it off in school. Don’t freak out, he or she will get home and their parents will call me. Yes, that’s it. 

I rush over to the ATT store in Palm Harbor and turn off my service to the i-Phone. Then I purchase a cheap, (very cheap) no commitment phone. I take a deep breath and go to work.

Later that night, no calls. Face it girl, your phone is history. I go into the closet and retrieve my old Samsung I had with T-moble, plug it in and hope tomorrow I can put ATT service on it, instead of the throw away crappy phone.

Ah, morning sunshine and better than that, a phone call on the land line. The woman on the other end informs me her husband found my phone while out jogging yesterday. (My heart was a flutter) she told me he was about to go out jogging and he could drop it off. The couple live very close by, and I decided to give them my address. I was rewarded by a young man jogging down my cul-de-sec with my phone in hand. I even tried to give him some money for his honesty, but he wouldn’t take it.

The next step, shower and run back over to ATT. I think all of them will know me by face soon. Like Norm on Cheers. I re-set my phone and come to find out, even though I was told I can return my $30.oo phone within 30 days, the re-stocking fee cost more than the phone. WHAT? I don’t want this piece of S&*%. Now I have to go back to ATT yet again tomorrow, to see if the manager will waver the fee since I only had the darn phone for less than 24 hours.

Well, not that this jogger and his wife will ever see this blog, but I hope to thank them. Maybe I will run into him again in my travels and let him know how much I appreciate his honesty and integrity.

FYI- If you ever find a phone, either look in the contacts list for home or the house number. If there is none, bring it to the company who services it, such as Att or Verizon, or whomever. The company can track the owner. Don’t keep it. Many phones today will have a tracking device set up. If they do, the police could wind up on your door step. Not good.


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