Christmas in Palm Coast

Holy Night

Christmas in Palm Coast

The night looked like a picture postcard. My husband Joe and I were invited to the annual Christmas party for Coastal Connections. A group of business owners, in and around town, who get together to meet each other and share business ideas and help one another succeed.

The party was held at Chimumento Law office in Town Center. To our surprise, December first was also the night The Town Center lit lights around the beautiful lake. Various businesses and clubs had one or more lighted ornaments, for lack of a better word. These colorful gigantic ornaments stood like beacons sparkling around the lake, while people walked their dogs, children played and everyone enjoyed the chilly evening of Christmas wonder.

Also on  Wednesday December first, The Flagler Rotary Club  had an event, serving up hot chocolate and various treats. Daytona Ice Arena even opened a small rink for the smaller people. Dozens of young skaters put on blades for the first time and enjoyed the rink made of plastic.

Palm Coast Skaters

Smiles all around

 The smiles were delightful, the air chilly and the mood utterly warming and picture perfect. If you like, the lights will remain throughout the Holiday Season.


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