The Alligator Farm

I know this blog is centered around Palm Coast and Flagler County. However, once in a while we must venture outside our home town and see what is around us. Therefore, I would like to share a few videos and photos from a day trip Joe and I made to the Lighthouse and the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, just a thirty minute drive north of Palm Coast.

I had to bring my 2008 Corolla in the Lighthouse Toyota dealership off of US1, in St Augustine. Apparently, there was a recall on an engine part. Being Thursday is our day off together, Joe followed me to the dealership so we could wait together.

We traveled a few miles north and ended up at the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

We decided to travel across the street from the Lighthouse and see the Alligtor Farm and Zoological Park. Both Joe and I had visited the park many years ago, but never together. A new adventure and we were not disappointed. The Alligator farm has made many improvements over the years. The park features many other animals, besides crocks and gators. Though it does not lack those.

I would like to share some photos.

White gator
White alligator


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