Graham Swamp Trail

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Hidden in the open, right off of Colbert Lane, Graham Swamp Trail awaits for residents and visitors to explore. Whether by foot or bike, this is yet another discovered trail treasures.

Yesterday, Joe and I were waiting for Jimmy Millhollin from Remax Flagstaff, when we encountered a problem at the gate of Palm Coast Plantation. Jimmy hired us to remove signs from several of their properties. Even calling Jimmy and having him speak with the guard, didn’t work. Jimmy had to come to Plantation in person. Of course, this meant waiting twenty minutes or more. So, we went a little way down Colbert Lane and parked the truck an a small dirt lot on the side of the road.

As we got out to stretch our legs, we discovered Graham Swamp Trail. Yet another beautiful trail Flagler provides for its citizens and visitors. It’s been raining for the past month everyday. In fact it’s starting to get dark now.

As the black clouds make their way closer, we decide to enter the trail for a quick look. It is spectacular, as are all the trails here in Palm Coast. We descend the man-made yet rugged path leading down and around the swamp and begin to swat fiercely at our legs.

“Ah, Joe?”


“Do you still have that bug spray int he truck?”

“No, I took it out from our last job.”

“Great,” I say sarcastically.

A few more yards in, nature takes its toll on our exposed appendages. Quickly we turn and hurry back up the hill and out of the woods.

Next time we’ll come prepared, water, bug spray, walking shoes and our little buddy, Brutus, our  eleven month Chihuahua.

If you have a chance, check out Graham Swamp Trails, but bring the spray.


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