Almost a year later

IMG_0761 001Hi everyone. I want to apologize for not posting in almost a year. In my last blog post, I explained how Joe and I had lost our cooking jobs in 2011, and in 2012 decided to go into business for ourselves. Well, we did and it is doing pretty good.

January Joe and I started J & H Junk Removal, LLC and Handyman services., feel free to visit our web page or like us on facebook. or twitter

Okay, I digress. When we started J & H Junk Removal, we also joined the Flagler Chamber of Commerce. We joined a leads group, which intimidated me at first, but since then, I have made so many friends and acquaintances.
 We started networking at After Hours with the Chamber, we had articles written about us in the Palm Coast Observer and the Daytona News Journal. I started networking at Entrepreneur Night as well. Now, I believe you can Google us Junk Removal Palm Coast or Junk Removal Flagler County and pop up on the first page. Of course that could just be on my personal computer.

I hope to start posting here again and add lots of photos and hopefully videos or all the things going on in our lives and what is happening in Palm Coast.
 Now that we are no longer trapped in a kitchen 50 hours a week, we are all over town and people come to me now to find out whats going on.

Today, May 11th 2013, The Potato Fest in Bunnel. An annual event. I haven’t attended this yet, but I am today and I am bringing g Brutus, our Chihuahua Jack Russel mix, all 8 1/2 pounds of him and walk him down the doggie red carpet. I will post photos of this soon, hopefully tomorrow.

For those of you who waited p[patiently because you followed this blog, I do apologize once again. I hope to be way more active again, even if it is just small posts. Please feel free to interact.
Thank you
Heidi Tassone

The picture up above is Brutus when we got him and Brutus recently. I think he can win a beauty contest, don’t you?


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