Bird in the Fish

Bird in Fish


I couldn’t get a shot of the mother bird who now resides in our Ceramic fish with her three tiny eggs. She managed to build her nest way deep inside. I do hope when the chicks hatch I can get a picture of them without disturbing Momma.

A few weeks back, I opened our sliding glass door which leads to the back porch. It was pretty early so I thought I had maybe imagined two birds popping out of our fish and flying away. Coffee in hand, I peeked into the fish’s mouth. Hmm, was all that pine needles and stuff in there before? I think not.

We actually have two of these fish, and at first they tried nesting in the one closest to our door, but decided their new condo should probably be a bit further from the big creatures who come out that door regularly. And high enough so that four legged loud barking thing can’t jump up there. The other one is perfect.

Soon Momma was busy going back and forth with varies twigs and debris in her tiny mouth. It is amazing how intricate this nest is. Then one day, three tiny eggs popped in. Oh, how absolutely adorable.

Now she stays in there most of the day and I believe all night. We are just waiting to hear the itty bitty chirps soon to come.

Yup, Joe and Heidi are soon to be grandparents. I’ll keep you all informed of the progress.

Have a Happy Monday

Hugs Heidi


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