Potatoes and Trees

Last week Joe, Brutus and I went to Bunnell and enjoyed the Annual Potato Festival. They had pageants for kids, mash potato sculpting contests and a dog show. Brutus entered and got to walk the red carpet, but did not win. However the third place winner was a gorgeous Maltese. She had white fur to the floor, looked like a wedding gown.

I think Brutus had an instant crush because when she went up, he ran over to her and gave her a big fat kiss. Brutus was wearing a Tuxedo Bandana, so everyone joked about the bride and groom.

I took a video but somehow it just disappeared. But here are a few pictures of the festival.

this was Brutus saying hi to a goat, pony and a baby cow. He’s super friendly

Yesterday was Arbor day here in Palm Coast at the Town Center. It was supposed to be a couple of weeks ago, but it was cancelled due to rain storms. So, we went to Town Center. We didn’t bring Brutus because we didn’t know if we could. Some festivals are dog friendly but some aren’t. Anyway,

The entry fee was to buy a can of food for a dollar. We bought dog food to donate to the humane society and green beans to donate to the local food pantry. In return we received 7 trees. 5 were Crape Myrtles which are basically twigs, and the other 2 I have no idea what they are, but they are like 3 feet tall. So yesterday afternoon we planted the trees, my new vegetable garden and anything else that needed to be put in the ground or pots. I also seeded some green beans in a little hot house thing.

They had a little tent with butterflies

I was worried about my dog, this guy brought his ferret.
here are the trees we planted and we put our tomato and pepper plants in between.

and this is my little vegetable garden. I have carrots, zucchini, broccoli, spinach and lettuce. Now I hope the deer don’t get to it before we do.

Next post I will tell you guys about our little bird.


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