Whats going on with Baby Birds

Earlier this month I went out on my back porch, coffee in hand when I saw something move from the corner of my eye. I turned and saw two birds flying out of one of the ceramic fish we have on a table out there.

The picture above is the fish. Its twin is on the other side of the table.

I peek in and see a almost fully developed nest. As days go by the bird keeps coming back, straw and whatever in her tiny beak. Building away.

Finally, I make my morning nest inspection and there they are. Three tiny eggs nestled way back inside the fish.

On May 15th, I make my rounds and there they are, three little birds. Actually all I could see at the time was three beaks.

A few days later, my husband tells me to take a closer look. Not three, but four chicks. Yup, we are the proud grandparents of four babies.

Now, Mommy is on a constant hunt for bugs and worms. It is amazing how she doesn’t even care when we are out there, she just keeps going, back and forth. She also removes their waste.

The chicks are now getting big and moved much closer to the mouth of the fish, so when Momma arrives, you can see and very much hear them. They are loud.

I am going to be sad when they finally leave their nest, but we have noticed two birds and realized one was building a next in the second fish. Hopefully there will be eggs in that one and we can start again.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone


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