Our Not So Little Box Turtle


One thing about moving to a more secluded part of Palm Coast, where our back yard is backed up to the woods, and our house is set back at the farthest end of a cul-d-sec, with only three other homes on the street, is our wildlife neighbors.

If you have been following this blog, you already know about the large Turkey who investigated the yard, and of course, our little baby birds who were hatched in our ceramic fish, well taken care of by their mom, and then flew the coop.

Early on in our move we had a visitor, I called her/him/ Sam, because I have no idea how to tell the sex of a Turtle. Joe thinks its a female who has a nest on the woods. I think he may be right, but he or she may just be hungry and our 16 different grasses and weeds in the back yard might seem like a very inviting treat.

Sam comes out every few weeks or so to have a nibble of our array of greens we call grass, but she sometimes gets side tracked when our killer 8 1/2 pound Brutus comes out to investigate. Yes, that is our Brutus. Cute, right?

Anyway, my little bundle of canine curiosity has to literally stick his nose into everything, especially trying to figure out why this really big rock keeps moving. I have to say their relationship has not improved and I have to distract Brutus with a ball or toy, so Sam can run back into the woods. Yes, she’s quite quick for a turtle.




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