BBQ at Bings

Joe Tassone on the boat ride

Joe Tassone on the boat ride

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These photos were taken yesterday, Saturday June 1st 2013 at Bings Landing. We were invited by a friend, Caroline Hopkins of Realty Exchange, to enjoy a Customer Appreciation BBQ. It was a wonderful day. Though a bit overcast, with fear of rain to dampen the party, it was a bright day. Our little Brutus was welcome, and enjoyed a free boat ride on the Intra Coastal waterway.

The Gazebo was packed with friends and family of Realty Exchange employees. Children played in the little blow up pool, and squirted each other with giant water guns.

A feast of slow roasted suckling pig was enjoyed by all. Also served was off the grill hot dogs, warm sauerkraut, baked beans, potato salad, and a table full of desserts, for those with a sweet tooth.

All in all, my husband, Joe, myself and Brutus would like to thank Caroline and her friends at Realty Exchange for a wonderful Saturday afternoon, with great people.

Thank you

Hugs Heidi Tassone

Bings Landing

off Oceanshore Blvd, Palm Coast

just south of Marine Land and Washington Oaks Park




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