Update on About Us.

Daytona News Journalhttp://files.wnzf.com/chamber_chat_060813.mp3

I’m not sure if this will work, but I will try. I know I write mainly about nature and events going on in Palm Coast and surrounding areas. However, Joe and I own a company in Palm Coast, J & H Junk Removal, LLC. We help people reclaim their space by removing unwanted items, as well as doing handyman service.

In 20111, Joe and I both left and or were let go from a company we worked at for several years. We were both cooks, I the sous chef at the time. Due to the economy and cut backs, they let Joe go and within a few months, I was forced to leave as well.

That year we spent checking out where we live. We were terrified, since no one was hiring, and if they were they either wanted you to work alone and or for very little pay. (I actually looked back on my teenage taxes and found out I was making slightly less in my teens then what they are offering now. I am 48 and a skilled cook.)

Well, after taking many walks, kayaking, and biking ourselves around Flagler County, we started noticing the trend. The horrible reality of foreclosures. We would look in the windows of emptied homes and see junk everywhere. Abandoned and neglected properties were popping up to quickly.

One day late 2011, we decided to start our own business. Hence, J & H Junk removal and Handyman service was created. Visit us on www.jandhjunkremoval.com.

We started our business January 2012, and made a quick and correct decision to join the Flagler Chamber of Commerce. www.flaglerchamber.org. We were asked to check out all three of the leads groups the chamber has to offer, and we decided Friday’s TGIF was for us. The largest of the groups, and when you start out, and are shy, the scariest. Needless to say, we are not so shy anymore, and know every member. We hang together, go to functions together, and basically help each other out both for business and in many cases personally.

Anyway, more about what we do, please hit the chamber chat button above. This is a recent interview Joe and I did at a local radio station. www.WNZF.com in Chamber chat. I hope you have a few minutes to listen.

Thank you

Heidi Tassone

lots of hugs.


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