Lehigh Rails To Trails







Colbert Trailhead

Lehigh Trail

Yesterday Joe and I entered the Lehigh trails from a new direction. Recently Flagler County completed a bathroom and parking lot to make the long trail which starts at US1, goes on to Belle Terre Parkway, across the street, under I95, and ends at Colbert Lane, accessible to walkers, joggers, bicyclist and even rollerblades. The new parking lot is located on Colbert Lane.

Now people can park on Belle Terre Parkway Near the Fire Station and Tennis Courts, or Old Kings Road near  I95 underpass.  In the Town Center, and now Colbert Lane, very close to Roberts Road.

The trail has been put together little by little, and is filled with an abundance of wildlife and vegetation. There is an old railroad that still peeks through some of the woods. You can see some it in the pictures above.

If you have a hankering to get moving and would like to take a nice walk, jog, bike ride or slip on your skates. Drive over to Colbert lane or any of the other rest stops and visit Lehigh Rails to Trails. Enjoy




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