Where Does Life Begin?

My friend Michael King’s Poem

Poetry in Black and White

UniverseWhere Does Life Begin?

Don’t we all search for meaning?
Everyone whispers THEIR answers deep inside.
Everyone shouts their muted screams at the world.
Everyone feels the tickle deep down that says “this isn’t real.”

Yes, everyone knows their answers.
For those who tarry a moment –
Those who stare into their own soul –
Those who search for more than money, religion, God, peace

What truly defines our lives?
How many millions queried this throughout the ages?
Their silence fell as hard then as now.
Few admit there lies little in this life beyond faith.

So whose faith holds sway?
Whose faith defines truth?
Religion publishes itself as little more than masqued soldiers
Militant in its makeup regardless of its peaceful claims.

Ever noticed that?
Death as the focal point of all religions?
They all claim supremacy and THE answer.
They all close their minds off to deviation.


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