Chamber After Hours at the Flagler Playhouse

Flagler Play House

Flagler Play House

Thursday Night at 5:30pm, on July 18th, the Flagler Playhouse, invited the Chamber’s members to join them for food, fun and networking.

Every month one of the countless businesses in Flagler County opens their doors to the Flagler Chamber of Commerce and affiliates and their guests to attend an After Hours event. Many people flock to the event to meet new businesses and find out more about the business holding the event.  The food and drink flow as does the conversation. Okay people it’s a time to network. Business cards get passed along faster than the appetizers at this monthly event.

On July 18th The Flagler Playhouse held the event and did a fantastic job. 006The food was wonderful, and as you can see, went from one end of the room to the other.

Networking and photos.

004 001 009 008 007

Then came the surprise. The Flagler Playhouse had a special added bonus in mind. Yes, they held a musical performance for us.

I would have had pictures of the singers, however I choose to video tape them and gave the video to Gretchen Smith at the Chamber. If you would like to see them please visit the Chamber at

Door Prizes are given out by randomly selecting business cards from a box.

028 016 034Yes, Jason Johnson, you won something also.013President Rebecca Delorenzo of the Chamber makes the monthly announcements of events going on around town. And the Playhouse also received a check from the Chamber’s scholarship fund  to help with their makeover outside.

If you have a chance please check out the schedule for the next After Hours at the Chamber’s Website and join the fun. Also all proceeds go to the Flagler Food Bank.

Flagler Play House

Flagler Play House


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