Inspired Mic 8/20/13


Many people showed up the other night to Inspired Mic hosted by The Beach House Beanery on A1A  and 12th street So. . Owners Carol and Jeff do an awesome job accommodating all the quests. Normally open for breakfast and lunch, they and their wonderful staff go out of their way once a month and open their doors to Inspired Mic. Feel free to like them on Facebook.

Last month was a big success for Inspired Mic,. Word spread around Flagler County. So much so, Mike Rae King from ClearviewPress, and Christine Speno , from Words Etc., , along with Beach House Beanery decided to charge for tickets. Yes, ten dollars will not only get you in to the event but will also buy you two drinks. Beer and wine included in the deal. Of course you don’t have to, but one must sample the delicious menu they provided while sitting back with your drink of choice and watching 17 writers, and the other night one magician, have five minutes to read their work or preform their talent. It is truly fun for all. Especially set on the beach

I did write about the event last month when I attended, but this month I was one of the writers to read my work. I read “My Little Secret,” from a collection of short stories I co-wrote with several writer friends, called Mosaic., published by my friends Gayle and Jeff Farmer,

It was a whole lot of fun. Can’t wait until next time. you can follow the link to Amazon. You can also see a Trailer of the book as well at.

Of course I am not alone. I apologize because I was not able to take photos of everyone that night, but I am posting the ones I do have. And also I will list the authors, however, they will not be in order. Somehow the schedule was changed around a bit.

012 013 017 018 021 022 023 025 029 031 033 038 041 043 046

ClearView Press and Words Etc present


writers and magician

Mayte Caronna

Bill Ryan

Bri Chorbak

Joan McReynolds

Janice Brink  (okay this may have been a typo on the brochure, same email as Joan

Michael Henry Lee

Heidi Tassone (THAT WOULD BE ME)

Kevin Cox

Anthony Wells

Cyndi Rose

Tonya West

Tim Baker

John Downing

Anna Zaires

Dima Zale

Tovah Janovsky

Jessie McKnight

Marybeth Jeitner

Alternate readers

Gi Arena

Becky Pourchot

Now I copied the list  from the flyer. I know Becky who was an alternate, did read. Not everything in life goes as planned, but in this case, it turned out wonderful.

Join us next month. When I know the day and place, I will post it.


Heidi Tassone


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