Lost Love

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broken heart

I was so excited to spend an evening with Alice again. She’s the one person who understood and paid attention to me.

We met at a Kiss concert. As the Demon spat twelve-foot flames into the air, Alice smiled and handed me a joint. I toked, she danced and that’s when I fell in love.

We dated for two years until she came across a good-looking attorney who stole her away. I was crushed, but eventually moved on. I found I had other interests to keep me occupied. I loved food and poured my soul into new cuisines. I traveled to exotic countries and realized I hungered for unusual proteins, such as bison, elk, and rattlesnake.

Before I discovered my passion, I dated a few women, but none were Alice. As my love for cooking increased, so did my waistline. Women no longer were interested in me and I couldn’t care…

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