Guest Post: Aiden Truss

Nothing like a bit of Horror mixed in with Heavy Metal. Guest post Aiden Trussw on Armand Rosamilia’s Blog. Now on mine too. Thanks



Heavy Metal and Horror: A Marriage Made in Hell!


Whenever I envisioned the character of Astolath in my novel Gape, he was always accompanied in my mind by the sound of chugging guitars, crashing drums and wailing vocals. He’s just such a heavy metal character, straight from an album cover by Ozzy Osborne or King Diamond.

This got me thinking about the long association between heavy metal and horror which somehow always seems to have been there.

There are several claimants to the originators of heavy metal. Some trace the genre back as far as the 60s and bands like The Kinks, Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer and MC5. These admittedly all had a guitar sound that was much heavier than their predecessors, but it wasn’t until the arrival of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath that really started to steer hard rock into heavier territory.

But, while Led…

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