Inspired Mic November 2013

036It started off a bit windy and chilly last night at the Beach House Beanery, but that didn’t stop people from flocking in to listen to fellow writers read from their work at The Inspired Mic Night

Each writer has five minutes to read from their work, fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry, whatever they want to share. One gentleman, Dima Zales shared his magic, and a Local artist, Onicas Gaddis rapped a poem about his artwork. The theme for the evening was The Holidays.

The evening was enhanced by Steve Woodin who provided an awesome sound system and kept track of time for each writer and artist.

002Anna Zaires, wife of magician Dima Zales read from her up and coming Fantasy book.

003Dima Zales showed off his phycology degree by showing a magic trick which not done correctly would have cost him $100.00. In the end, Dima kept his bill.


Jonathan Raney, who has spent a great of time in Russia, which is how he met and married his wife, read from his essays about the country. His humor shown through even though much about Russia is nothing to laugh at.

006The laughs continue when Tovah Janovsky read from her story about her Italian Christmases in the 1950’s and 60’s.

008Becky Pouchot Author of “Food for a Hungry Ghost,” and “To Kiss a Ghost” a YA Series which is fun for adults as well. Her stories take place right here in Flagler Beach. Becky went a different direction tonight. Her story was more sexy and adult, which drew in the crowd. So much so, when she went past her time, the audience insisted she finish her last paragraph.


MaryBeth Jeltner read a poem about the Holidays and an excerpt called “White Rabbit.”

015Robin Coles also read an excerpt from an old book she started years ago, but dusted off to bring back to life. Check her out on Facebook or

017As I stated earlier in this post, Onicas Gaddas free formed his poem about art in the style of a gentle rap. I first met Onicas at the Hollingworth Gallery at the City Market Place second floor. next to The Flagler Art League. If you haven’t had the chance before, go visit, it is amazing the local talent here in Flagler County. www.

019Before the Break, Kevin Cox, ex New York Police Officer read a funny story about his holidays on the force. I never bore with Kevin’s tales. They are always entertaining.

021Author and publisher, Michael King,, started The Inspired Mic this past Spring. He realized writers generally do not like to read in public. We are a shy group. They especially don’t want to read their own work. Well that is just darn silly folks. You are an amazing group of talented people. So, Mike founded Inspired Mic along with Christine Speno of Words Etc  . Tonight Mike did i solo and along with Carol Fisher and her husband Jeff Fisher, owner’s of The Beach House Beanery, did a marvelous job. Thank You Mike King, Carol and Jeff.


Non other than myself started the second half of Inspired Mic Night. I went in a different direction with my genre. I normally write more on the mystery twist ending side of things, in honor of Christmas, my favorite holiday, I read one of my stories published in Mosaic: A Collection of Short Stories available on, or I read “Star of Wonder,” about a girl who loses her eyesight in an accident on Christmas day, and miraculously recovers it twenty-five years later on the same day of miracles.

023After my story, my friend, Tasia Jackson, local photographer and  make-up artist, read her poetry, “Picture Perfect Day. About her beautiful photography “You can find Tasia’s artwork on the walls of the Meeting Room at The Flagler Chamber of Commerce. also at

026A bit shy at first, Georgia Turner, Flagler County Tourism Director,, with the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and Affiliates, had a fun time reading her poems from many years ago. Even though they were written when this lovely woman was in her twenties, they are absolutely delightful

028Mel Melvin read a funny story which ended in a pie fight.

031Kermit Allison wrote about his love of pianos. Kermit reads without a page in front of him. He is a brilliant story teller.

032Joann Perryman read her poem entitled, “Thank You.”

034Because it is so close to the holidays, unavoidable things come up. A few of our readers were not able to attend tonight’s performance. Though I am sure we missed some amazing stories and poems, it did give Mike King the opportunity to read some of his poems. Mike decided his holiday theme should be Valentine’s day, since he writes the most amazing romantic poems. Sorry girls, Mike has a lovely woman already by his side. Miss Michelle who greeted guests all night at the front door. Thank you Michelle for all your work.

Thank you Carol, Jeff and all your wonderful staff who fed our crowd. Recently Carol and Jeff noticed a need for vegetarian and vegan food. They now serve a wonderful menu for us carnivores as well as the vegans in our area. Come out and try their food. Sit down, have a glass of wine or a beer, (Best coffee too) and stare at the ocean. Outside dining, you may bring your four-legged family member too. Everyone is welcome at The Beach House Beanery, where the owners make it a point to know your name.

NEXT MONTH JOIN US AT “CHRISTMAS COME TRUE.”, a local charity where Nadine King and her hard work make it possible for children to have a Christmas. 1299 North Oceanshore Blvd. Flagler Beach.


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