One Year Anniversary for Inspired Mic

047 Last Tuesday evening, May 20th, celebrated the one year anniversary of Inspired Mic. Originally started by Mike Ray King of Clearview Press and Christine Speno of Word’s Etc, now run by Mike himself. From a few people sitting in the crowd to now sometimes over 60.

Beach House Beanery on A1A and So 12th Street sponsors the event. This past Tuesday the weather permitted to once again have the show outside across the street from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean on Flagler Beach.

Though Beach House Beanery is normally open for Breakfast and lunch, owners Carol and Jeff make an exception once a month and re-open in the evening for the event. They are also open Friday evenings during the summer with live music.

Beach House Beanery also won an award at Restaurant Week for best deal. I had their Black Bean Burger with a side of Tai slaw, which was fabulous and the ice coffee is refreshing and delicious.

We started the evening with

1. Jim Harter who read his poems.

2. Tim Agin read some of his fiction

3. Cyndi Rose also read from her stories

4. Gi Arena who wrote “A sight worth Feeling, choose to read a story about Veterans in honor of Memorial Day.

5. Joe O’Hearn read from his script and did a delightful job on his creole accent

6. Tovah Janovsky read from “An Ever Thinning Veil.” and talked about he father.

7. Terry Hagan also read some poetry.

8. Kevin Cox read from his police story. Kevin is a retired  NY police officer.

We all took a 15 minute intermission and continued with

9. Jan Turney who wrote a story many of us today can relate to about losing her job only a short while ago.

10. Marybeth Jeitner read from “The Jumping Off Place.” Also non-fiction

11. Nicole Goldberg, our youngest author at only 19 read about teenage angst and did a marvelous job.

12. Our our Carol Fisher, who did not read her own work but entertained us with a very funny tale of the 3 little Pigs.

13. Well, that would be myself, Heidi Tassone, I read a short Flash Fiction piece called Lost Soul. A story with my little twist.

And last but not least our own Michael Ray King, read several of his very romantic poems.

The evening ended with lots of chatter and new friendships. 040 039 038 037 036 035 034 033 032 031 030 029 028 027 026 025 024 023 Thank you Mike for always wonderful evening.




2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary for Inspired Mic

  1. Congratulations Inspired Mic. It was cool that you provided a list of each person who read for this reading, Please to discover that three Ancient City Poets read words that night – Jim Harter, Tovah Janovsky and Joe O’Hearn. Great job everyone.

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