Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill

Oceanside Beach bar & grill

I just recently went on Facebook and found a help notice from Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill. On Tuesday December 2nd at the Flagler Beach City Hall it shall be decided whether or not the restaurant can use the two lots behind them, which they purchased for additional parking.

The Oceanside is a family run restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my opinion, I believe they have the best cheeseburgers on the beach, and most definitely the best service. At least when my husband I go there.

The restaurant has the fortune to hug the Atlantic Ocean directly across the street of A1A on South 18th Street. They used to have permission to use a parking lot on South 19th Street for any overflow of parking. However this is being taken away.

The Oceanside has recently expanded it’s already growing business. They have over 40 employees and now built and upstairs addition as well as insulating part of their outside seating. The area where dogs are allowed. To many dog owners who love to take their pooch out to the beach for a romp, it is always a pleasure to have a nice Oceanside dinning experience where our four-legged friends are not only welcome, but adored. Maybe my Brutus is why we have such excellent service.

porch oceansideThis what the side porch used to look like. Now it is enclosed, but still has the excellent view.

I may be a bit off track here. As I started to say, on Tuesday at 5:30 PM at the Flagler Beach City Hall, it will decided if this Mom and Pop restaurant can have the parking they so need. This lot will not be on A1A blocking the view, it will behind the restaurant.  I plan to be there and help them get the parking they need so Brutus, my hubby and I continue to enjoy those delicious burgers.


2 thoughts on “Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill

  1. Great food, great place. They support the community. Now it is time for the community to support them. We all want great places to dine. This is most certainly one of the best. They need all our help. Make this happen Flagler Beach.

    • Absolutely. Because I mentioned them to my hubby we had to go and have some burgers. Wasn’t disappointed. four waitresses helped us, played with Brutus, the owner greeted us as well and came to our table to talk. The food was hot and delicious not to mention came out very quickly.

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