My name is Heidi Tassone. My husband Joe and I are residents in Palm Coast, Florida and we’re in love with this city. We have been on vacation this week and decided to stay in town and do our thing here. Great news. Lots to do, especially if you are a day person who loves nature. Palm Coast is a city growing inside of a natural tapestry of forest, waterways, and beauty. I would like to share some of the wonderful and sometimes, not so wonderful experiences we have here in our hometown, Palm Coast.  Please keep in mind, this is only our persoal opinion and experiences. Feel free to comment and  share your own.


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  2. Dear Heidi – Thanks you for you awesome article on the July 2013 Inspired Mic event at the BeachHouse Beanery in Flagler Beach. Thank you for listing the names of the 18 readers. Would you consider correcting the spelling of my last name? It is “Bodor” ? It is on a concern to me because my twitter handle is hashtag first name last (#chrisbodor). Thank you again for your support and on behalf of the Ancient City Poets we would like to invite you and your husband to St. Augustine this Sunday for our poetry gathering at The Gallery Cafe of St. Augustine. We hold court on the last Sunday of every month and we turn on the microphone at 3:00 pm. Keep in touch and thank you so much.

    Chris Bodor
    Ancient City Poets/ Poet Plant Press

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